CA. Shyamala Karbhari

“Age is just a number. When I started, I never worried about how long I was going to play. I had very specific goals, and that’s what I chased.” 

-         Leander Paes

A brief about me –

I am Shyamala Suniiel Karbhari,from Kerala and my maiden name before marriage was Shyamala K. I completed my graduation from Bangalore University in 1986.  I got my articles transferred from Bangalore to Pune, as my parents settled down in Pune after the retirement of my father in 1988. I got married in 1990 to a Chartered Accountant. I completed my CA Intermediate under the old syllabus in 1991. As my son was born in 1993, I could not continue my CA thereafter.

The Employment milestones I achieved –

Initially to help my family and financially support them, I joined as an Accountant in SME. After initial five years with SMEs, I joined one of the US Subsidiary companies as Sr. Accountant in 1997 and resigned in 2010, as Dy. Finance Manager, to pursue my CA career again. I started pursuing CA Career after the gap of 20 years while our son completed his Commerce-XII and he started preparing for his CPT. 

I completed my Final CA in 2013, at the age of 45 years, before my son, who thereafter completed his CA, in 2016.

I also scored the highest marks in Information technology, in the Final CA exam in Pune Division and today I am not only CA but I am one of the designated partners in LLP of CA firm, wherein my CA husband and my CA Son, are other partners.

My inspirations –

First, full encouragement and the support of my CA husband and my family Members, the Dream of my Late father, who wanted his daughter to become a Chartered Accountant.

Secondly, when I reappeared for my CA final, my son was in IPCC, who also encouraged me to study further and complete my CA Final.

Me and my son, I used to regularly go together, for the classes and the library. 

Overcoming initial mindset challenges –

Initially, I was in two minds whether to resign and start studying again at this age, after crossing 40 years, as I was also drawing a good salary as Dy. FM, in a reputed Company, with all comforts at my disposal.

My CA husband, and my son, really encouraged and motivated me to resign.

I was also convinced that I will get a promotion and reach Great heights in the company where I was working, but in the end, I won't be recognized as a Chartered Accountant, which was my dream and the dream of my late father.

In the end, on the basis of motivation from my husband and my Son, I got an Inspiration to Pursue my CA Final, which also helped me to fulfill my DREAMS. 

Most challenging part of my journey –

First, the family responsibilities, especially my growing son, and as a mother, I had to give top priority to him.

Secondly, the great dilemma of financial sacrifice, by resigning the high paying job.

The Success-Mantras I rely upon –

The Three Qualities as 3 Ds;

D=Devotion and Dedication.



I am a firm believer in the 3 Mantras: If an individual has these three qualities, then one can achieve success in many walks of life.

"Maybe the hardships take you away, from your Dream but always Pursue your Dream, in life ".

My Inspirational Quote is,

"After every Night, there is a Day and after every Sunset, there is a Sunrise, so never lose heart and never give up ".

Some tips from my side for the women who want to achieve bigger –

For a married woman, her family has to be the first priority but while doing that, She should not forget her DREAMS, which she has to achieve.

Priorities keep you motivated to progress towards your goals. When you can rank what you want in order of importance, it holds you accountable and puts a focal point into the big picture. Realizing you’re making progress, allows you to feel more grateful since you can appreciate what you’ve done and the direction you’ve chosen.

“Age is not a bar, for women of high spirit, so listen to your inner voice and act”

Moment of proud in my journey –

For me, the proud moment of my journey was:

a)   I could cherish my Dream as well as my father's dream, of becoming CA and making our families proud.

b)   And equally I felt proud when Newspapers like Sakal, Maharashtra Times and TV Channel like SAM TV, Zee Marathi and Social Media like Facebook, also recognized the achievement, by covering my Interview  and many spontaneous hits.

c)   When many housewives of our Housing Society, felicitated me and told me that they also are motivated by my achievement and that I inspired them, to do something in life, post 40 age.

d)   When in the Convocation, organized by ICAI in Mumbai, Special mention was made of my achievement at the age of 45 years. 

e)   When I come to know from many girl students doing CA, that they are motivated by my interview on TV and in the newspaper.

f)     When my son got married in 2020 and my Daughter-in-law is also a Chartered Accountant. 

Set Goals in life

Goals are nothing but dreams with deadlines. It’s in your hands to make it happen. Defining goals is an important first step. You need to put some time, effort, and a lot of thought into this. There are two goals that you need to set. Long-term and short-term. Your short-term goals should be a part of your long-term goals. Your goals should not be too easy to achieve. It should be challenging enough to keep you motivated.

Having a Positive Attitude in Life, and remembering the Two Words “I CAN”

We are successful when we carry out our profession Ethically, with good working Culture, and with full devotion and Happiness, for the profession. 

Concluding remarks

Taking care of your health, maintaining Work-life Balance, and never getting stressed up with your professional responsibilities

“We have to clear our ultimate goal and should be happy in whatever we do”.