CA. Seema Tayal

 When we do something fuelled solely by passion and just to be present in the moment, it really makes a difference, the magic happens and this is the moment where transformation begins.

I have been a Chartered Accountant for 25 years when very few women stepped into this profession. The credit for making me join CA goes to my father, my family and my employer and the credit for completion goes to my husband and my in-laws.

What I am today is not only what I have done or learnt in all the years. It is about what my family has done for me. All the love, learnings given by parents and siblings and after marriage my husband and daughter and family. My husband stands strong for me for whatever I want to do and his words “Tum kar sakti ho” gives the power to complete everything . And there is no less contribution from extended family and friends. I am grateful for everyone in my life.

It all started when I was 6 years old; my mother made me read novels at that age, and put me into Yoga classes. These seemingly small incidents made all the difference in my life. I went ahead to become a meritorious B.Com student and later decided to join CA inspired by my cousin. I appeared for inter right after my engagement and was the topper in the central region.

 I practised Chartered Accountancy for 25 years but my main journey of healing started about 10 years ago when I found myself unable to deal with some situations of life; I was unhappy despite having everything in life which one can dream of. I started feeling unworthy, unattractive, undeserving, lost, not good at anything, unloved.

In the journey of healing myself I learnt that the key to happiness is self-love and is independent of where we are and what we have. And then I started sharing my experiences with others. My process of learning started with the intention of self-help, but as I progressed in my journey, I also started helping those around me. 

In this journey of learning, I met many individuals from diverse walks of life - from counselors, life coaches or healers which are called by whatever name, they helped people to manage their lives and gain happiness.

In 2020, in the COVID-ridden world, education was much easier to obtain since everything became online. This gave me a chance to learn a lot more and help many more people than earlier. It feels very satisfying to be able to help people with their own feelings regarding themselves. How can one shift their attitude from blaming someone else to taking responsibility for their own problems and to walk on the road of self love?

While observing people around us I learned a lot about emotions.

We live our life in emotions, either happy or sad or at any place in between them. In every single moment of life we are in one or other emotional state. And surprisingly we have always learnt to ignore it. Every single human being deserves to be happy and should seek help if they are unable to understand their emotions and manage their life.

In order to reach a greater audience, I started uploading videos on YouTube on short stories related to managing emotions and learning about life. As these videos are real life experiences and small things about day to day life more people have started to connect. I am so grateful to my mother for making me read thousands of books which contribute to stuff for stories.

It is interesting to know that the meaning of success is about how many people can feel connected to you. On this continuing journey of connecting to self, I got to meet some Magnificent Yoga Teachers who taught me to do yoga to connect with self. I knew about yoga since childhood, but this time there was a fresh start with new learning and I did Yoga just for Yoga without any attachment to the outcome, just to be present in the moment and then the magic happened, the difference was made, and that was the point where transformation started in the body too.

In the series of connections with more and more people, I connected with our CA community through my blog on Stress Management in ICAI Raipur Newsletter, and one of my talks on Relationship management in an event organised by ICAI Raipur in WEC.

Also I have been called by the Durg Police department to deliver a talk in their SPANDAN programme, and also at an event by Agrawal Samaj on Emotional Management.

So as per my opinion, we do not have to do a lot of things at once for success. Just start with any tiny little thing with love and just see.. what comes next.