Sarika Prasad

I started my carrier as AM treasury in Chambal Fertiliser, with part time COP.I use to return from office in the evening and to freelancing work , with the aim to built up contacts and clients. Suddenly.on 19th Jan 19 . Saturday, I got trapped with electricity fire at home during lunch time.  I was 50percent  burnt with 3rd degree burns. I used to send insructions  to my staff through my husband and my brother , who were allowed to visit for 15 mins in a day in the ICCI. After a week I was shifted in the room. I requested for the phone and Bluetooth since my hands were all bandaged and could not hold the phone. Due to infection chances nobody was allowed . Doctors have quoted that such strong will power is hardly witnessed .My in laws did not even visited  to meet me Everything was managed by my brother , husband and my mother. But since I love my practice and dedicated to my office  I am managed to continue it with no obstruction for my clients