Differently-Abled Daughter of Differently-Abled parents is a Chartered Accountant

S. Deepika started her journey of education from Little Flower Convent Higher Secondary School and, then, earned her graduation in Commerce from the University of Madras. Consistent and perseverant by nature, she has worked hard, in fact harder, in order to earn her degrees in education. It is harder for her by any social or educational standard, since she is a differently-abled professional, who can not hear.

Deepika’s home is very quiet and peaceful—for the simple reason that her parents too are differently-abled and cannot hear. Credit must go to her parents, who very responsibly brought her up despite the nature’s challenges and eventually succeeded in helping Deepika attain her professional goals in life. When she says, It took three attempts and it was very difficult, we can only imagine the intensity of hardship. Considering how hard it must have been for her to pursue her education, students of chartered accountancy today must get inspiration from Deepika’s success.

After passing the chartered accountancy course in 2012, she worked for one year in an audit firm and carried out all its external assignments with diligence. She went to the banks, corporations, trusts and schools, and patiently conducted audit for them. Afterwards, she joined the revenue team of corporate sector after clearing a written test. Although she is the only differently-abled person in her office, she doesn’t feel any difficulty in dealing with her professional affairs.

A daughter of an Indian Air Force officer father and an office superintendent mother, she learns Bharatanatyam in the weekends and likes to watch sitcoms in her free time using their subtitles. She owes her success to her teachers who suitably encouraged her to move ahead in life and supported her decision to join the professional course of Chartered Accountancy.

No wonder, today all good students from Deepika’s School want to pursue the course of chartered accountancy and her teachers too remember her very fondly. Deepika is an inspiration for them. It will be quite justified to say—she is an inspiration for all who want to pursue the professional education in Chartered Accountancy.