CA. Dhawal Gupta

I am CA. Dhawal Gupta, a commerce graduate, a proud Chartered Accountant, and an international artist.

Since childhood, I was fond of painting and sketching but never thought of it as a career option. All I knew was that I want to do something creative and was inclined a bit towards the field of journalism.

After 12th, I got admission in a prestigious college of Delhi for Mass Communication too but at that time fate didn't allow me to go through with that.

I have heard from many that CA is "the toughest course" and I used to find accountancy arduous that not even in my nightmares I would think of enrolling for CA course. But my parents asked me to give it a thought and fill out the forms. As I enrolled, I felt a sense of commitment and start preparing for it.

I just didn't want someone saying that "Mr. Gupta(my father), Assistant Commissioner, GST- his daughter couldn't survive CA examination". Moreover, giving up is not in my nature. Although, the artist inside me used to sneak out with brushes and paints to create colorful canvases and paintings. It provided me the much-needed mental peace, refreshment, and some time out from the real world/studies. I remember my sister used to encourage me by saying " This is not your forte, and you still shine at it. Just finish your studies and do whatever makes you happy. "

During my studies, I met a fellow student Nikhil Gakhar. We became best friends. Since he was a bright student he earned his CA degree early. And without caring about his own future as a chartered accountant, he completely devoted his time towards mentoring and tutoring me. He did as much hard work as me, to get me towards my goals. I became CA at the age of 23. I am his proud wife now.

After getting my COP, I entered into practice with Gakhar & Co and also started taking out time for my art and paintings. That time I realized that this is what I want to do and this is what gives me happiness. And the realization put me in a dilemma. CA is my hard-earned degree and I couldn't just let go of all the efforts in vain but being an artist was my passion.

I got tonnes of confidence and encouragement from my husband. He always motivated me to follow my dreams and do what I love the most as well as give some time in the office to keep in touch. This gave me the liberty to go after my art. Soon, people started appreciating my work and also demand my handmade paintings and portraits.

Simultaneously, I have completed two certification courses offered by ICAI. I was also faculty at GMCS/MCS, Bhopal Branch - ICAI. Also, I am honored to judge various events organized by ICAI and other institutions from time to time.

My students and many others ask me how do I manage to get time to pursue my passion along with such busy life as a CA. I always tell them that if you really love something you'll always find time for that.

My main form of art is oil portraits. I also do sketches, abstract art, and nature paintings. I have delivered many paintings across the world in the past 2 years. I have also got the privilege to do portraits of several well-known and prominent business people.

My portraits had been appreciated by former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen, Tahira Kashyap Khurrana and recently actress Madhuri Dixit shared artwork of mine (a portrait of her), on her Twitter and Instagram handle as her "favourite art".

My journey has just started and there is a long road ahead. I am blessed to have such a supportive family and I always try to pass on that light of motivation and confidence to my students who feel scared and lost during their studies because I understand the importance of a ray of hope and confidence during difficult times.