CA. Inderpreet Kaur

“Magic will be created,
Darkness will be eliminated,
The sun will shine brighter,
But you have to wait, wait until it is earned,
Wait till you are stronger, and
That wait will be mesmerizing,
shiner, peaceful, and above all alluring”

I am a Practising Chartered Accountant by profession, the journey from an average student to FCA was very challenging and fun, where people advised me to choose only profession and focus on it, while I chose both profession and passion, which made the journey more awesome and beautiful. Anyway, the journey is still long, there is a lot to be achieved but the hope of doing something new and my passion is making my journey superb. I always had a passion for writing. I had thought from the tenth standard that one day I will write my autobiography, write such a story that can inspire people, however when I started my novel ("When I Stopped Living To Impress" which is available on Amazon.) By the time I wrote, I was not in that stage to present my own story and inspire people, so I chose the path of fiction and put Arohi an imaginary character in front of the world so that I could inspire the world in other way and convey my words to the people about the lessons of the journey till now! Also, I always wanted to take part as a poet in events to showcase the writing talent and connect with people, however that time when I started Raipur didn't have any such stage like metro cities, so I thought of creating one, and finally, on 15.04.2018 on my father's birthday, I launched the stage that was the first open mic stage at my city giving talents the opportunity to
not only open up to the city but via youtube channel of Karigari to the whole world. People here were happy to get to a stage where they had no bars on showcasing their talent and that way a journey of becoming a founder started, and a dream of making the foundation a big success soon! We did many live open mics at the city, also online events were done and even during lockdown we helped artists to showcase their talent. At Karigari many people got their 1st coverage as artists in renowned newspapers of the city and that way we celebrated the art and the artist, the motto of KARIGARI. Also, if you read the bio it is mentioned I am an artist, writing skills are no less than art but still adding a separate caption because I love to draw, paint, sketch, curate my poetry videos, shoot them, edit them and put them in my Instagram page @ipkinks and youtube channel that adds to my skill more of a kind! I was a selected participant of FTC talent, a venture by Sunil Shetty where my short film was selected out of n no. of participants all. over India, though I haven't won the same in the finale but trying is a part of your success. Recently, I was the achiever of Patrika News 40 under 40 for my multitasking and giving a platform to talents. There is still more to achieve and there is no thumb rule or target you need to achieve at a particular age, nor making it all at once. In your journey you will fall, rise, make mistakes, do wonders but you are never supposed to give up...
The only rule/target is to be better than you were last!

- CA. Inderpreet Kaur
(FCA, DISA, B.COM, Author, Founder of IPKinks|Karigari, Writer, Poet, Artist)